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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wow, THAT was UGLY!

I'm not even gonna lie.  Yesterday was UGLY!  Shew!  I started the morning out really good.  Had a good lunch as well.  Then all hell broke loose.  Let's just say it involved chips (which I swear I never eat anyhow...can't remember the last time I had potato chips), 2 Drumstick ice cream cones, a diet Coke, Wendy's and a frozen pizza.  Yep, you read all of that right.  I seriously wasn't even on the wagon....more like using my arms to climb up on it when I completely fell off.  Flat on my face.  I'm not sure, but I think someone or someTHING started up the tractor that was pulling the wagon and took off without me in it.  :-) But this is ok.  Well, not really, but it WILL be ok because I am owning up to it.  I am not making excuses.  I caught myself making excuses, things like, "well, I had a small fry at Wendy's so it was ok to eat 2 pieces of's not like I had a large fry..."  You all know what I mean.  Those justifications that we make it ok to binge eat.  Well, today is a new day.  I'm gonna suck it up and move on and not let yesterday define who I am today.  And I'm telling you, if that wagon tries to move, even an inch, I will be prepared today.  I will hang on for dear life, even if I'm dragging behind it.  

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